Raspberry PI Grove+ KIT pour Windows 10 IoT!

un super kit est dispo pour démarrer aisément sur RaspberyPI et Windows10 IoT, bien sur Sourire

Microsoft IoT Grove Kit for Raspberry Pi

MSIoTGroveKitBoxThe IoT hardware landscape is ever changing from the new Raspberry Pi 3 to various Arduino boards. One thing Raspberry Pi has offered that Arduino hasn’t been capable of is to run Windows IoT Core. Now, the add-on device market for Raspberry Pi with Windows IoT Core has remained somewhat limited, as Windows IoT Core is still fairly new. This has meant wiring up servos, sensors and other things has been difficult for the average developer. With the introduction of the new Microsoft IoT Grove Kit you can now easily plugin servos, sensors, etc. with a single plug that really stream lines the prototyping process!

What is the MS IoT Grove Kit?

The Microsoft IoT Grove Kit is a Starter Kit aimed at making hardware prototyping with the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 easier for developers than ever before. Traditionally, you would have to get out a breadboard and jumper wires, or solder wires and sensors together. With the Microsoft IoT Grove Kit and the GrovePi+ you no longer need to solder anything.

This means you don’t really need that great of an electronics skill set in order get started prototyping a hardware / IoT project using this kit. Many developer do have some electronics skills, or have learned over time, but there is a greater many number of developers that don’t. This kit is perfect for them, as well as anyone.

Here’s some key features of the MS IoT Grove Kit:

  • Easy-to-use GrovePi+
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3
  • Plug-n-play Grove Modules enable rapid prototyping

The Microsoft IoT Grove Kit makes prototyping IoT project extremely easy. You just plugin the Grove Modules you need for your project to add sensors, servos and other things. You can connect up to 15 modules at the same time! Then you can program against the GrovePi+ directly with less hassle than before.

What’s in the kit?

The Microsoft IoT Grove Kit comes with everything you need to get started prototyping IoT projects using a Raspberry Pi.

The kit includes:

  • 1x GrovePi+
  • 1x 5-inch HDMI Display with USB TouchScreen
  • 1x Flat HDMI Male-to-Male cable (1M)
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 10x 26 awg Grove cables
  • 10x Grove Modules!

The Grove Modules included in the kit include:

  • 1x Grove – Relay
  • 1x Grove – Temperature + Humidity Sensor
  • 1x Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger
  • 1x Grove – LED Bar v2.0
  • 1x Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor(P)
  • 1x Grove – Buzzer
  • 1x Grove – Sound Sensor
  • 1x Grove – Light Sensor v1.2
  • 1x Grove – Button
  • 1x Grove – LCD RGB Backlight

It’s important to note, the Microsoft IoT Grove Kit does not come with a Raspberry Pi.


The Microsoft IoT Grove Kit can be purchased from Seeed Studio for a starting price of $154.99, with volume discounts.

What is the GrovePi+?

The GrovePi+ is a modular system that makes hardware hacking with the Raspberry Pi extremely easy-to-use. With the GrovePi+ there’s no need  for soldering or to use Breadboards. The GrovePi+ just plugs into the GPIO Header Pins on the Raspberry Pi and sits right on top of the board.


There are over 100 plug-and-play modules that can sense and control the physical world. Each module just plugs into one of the connectors on the GrovePi+ board without the need to use a breadboard or get out a soldering iron.

Even though the current focus by Microsoft with the GrovePi+ is to use it with Windows IoT Core and the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, the GrovePi+ is completely compatible with the Raspberry Pi B, B+, and A+ as well!

The GrovePi+ can be purchase individually, outside of the Microsoft IoT Grove Kit, for roughly $30 for just the GrovePi+. This could be useful if you already purchased the kit and wish to add another device, or perhaps you have a specific sensor or two of interest and don’t need the entire kit.

GrovePi+ and Windows IoT Core Programming

The GrovePi+ paired with a Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi 3 is fully compatible with Windows IoT Core. And, as such, you can build Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps for the Raspberry Pi that interfaces with the Grove Modules connected to the GrovePi+.

The UWP App development tools and Windows IoT Core are NOT natively compatible with the GrovePi+. For this reason, in order to program against the GrovePi+ you need to include a reference to the GrovePi nuget package within your UWP App in Visual Studio. The GrovePi package adds the necessary API support to interact with various Grove Modules from .NET code.

At the time of writing this the Grove Modules supported by the GrovePi nuget package includes:

  • Relay
  • LED
  • TemperatureAndHumiditySensor
  • UltraSonicSensor
  • AccelerometerSensor
  • RealTimeClock
  • FourDigitDisplay
  • ChainableRgbLed
  • RotaryAngleSensor
  • Buzzer
  • SoundSensor
  • LightSensor
  • ButtonSensor
  • RbgLcdDisplay

The GrovePi driver nuget package is written in C# and released Open Source over on GitHub:


Being open source, it opens up the library to be extended by the community as well.

Have fun prototyping your next IoT project with the GrovePi+ and Microsoft IoT Grove Kit!

Plus d’info ici: https://buildazure.com/2016/08/27/microsoft-iot-grove-kit-for-raspberry-pi/

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SCCM TP 1608 Disponible

Yvette nous donne des nouvelles de nouveau!

Hello everyone! Update 1608 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview has been released. Technical Preview releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features in a test environment before they are made generally available. This month’s new preview features include:

  • New Software indicators in Software Center: The Software Center Applications, Updates, and Operating Systems tabs now show what software was recently added. Numbers in the navigation pane show how many new pieces of software are in each tab.
  • Application Requests from Software Center: Users are now able to request approval for applications and view the request history for applications in the Application Details view in Software Center. The Request button in Application Details no longer redirects to the web-based Application Catalog.
  • Improvements to Asset Intelligence: We have added a field to the properties for inventoried software that lets you set a parent and child relationship with other software. In the Inventoried Software list, you can view the parent of any software and also hide all child software.
  • Keyboard Translation for Remote Control: By default in a remote control session, characters typed on the viewers keyboard are sent to the controlled device instead of the keys whether or not their keyboard layouts match. This behavior may be turned off in the Remote Control viewer Action menu.
  • Improvements to the Prepare ConfigMgr Client for Capture task sequence step: The Prepare ConfigMgr Client step will now completely remove the Configuration Manager client, instead of only removing key information. When the task sequence deploys the captured operating system image, it will install a new Configuration Manager client each time.

Update 1608 for Technical Preview is available in the Configuration Manager console. To install Configuration Manager Technical Preview for the first time, the installation bits (currently based on Technical Preview 1603) are available on TechNet Evaluation Center.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the latest Technical Preview! To provide feedback or report any issues with the functionality included in this Technical Preview, please use Connect. If theres a new feature or enhancement you want us to consider for future updates, please use the Configuration Manager UserVoice site.


The System Center Configuration Manager team

Configuration Manager Resources:

Documentation for System Center Configuration Manager Technical Previews
Documentation for System Center Configuration Manager
System Center Configuration Manager Forums
System Center Configuration Manager Support
System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview 5 (v1603)

Afficher l’article…

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Windows 10 Deployment Kit

Si vous n’etes toujours pas passé sous Windows 10, voila un lien qui peut vous aider à planifier votre migration, et si cela ne suffit pas, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter, on est aussi là pour çaSourire




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Build 14905 en cours d’installation

Bon , ben il suffit de le mentionner pour qu’il apparaisse..


AU moment ou je publie le billlet précédent, le popup apparait!

On verra bien demain Sourire

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Semaine chargée pour Windows 10 Insiders


Hier, j’ai installé la Mise à jour cumulative Windows 10 Version 1607 pour ordinateurs à processeurs x64 (KB3176931) et ce soir annonce d’un nouveau  Build!

Merci à Mirko Colemberg pour le twit, lisez l’annonce ici: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/08/17/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-14905-for-pc-mobile/#.V7S_jmcVgIF.twitter



Bonne nuit,


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Green is beautiful :)


Quand Server Manager vous rend la vie facile en vous montrant votre infra en un coup d’œil!, bientôt 4 mois sans un seul accro…


Voir la vie en rose quand tout est en vert,  j’en ai même profité pour lancer VAMT et activer tout ce joli monde…


Le domaine est OK, il ne reste plus qu’à attendre le prochain patch Sourire et à bien faire ses backups. Ce petit moment de calme avant la tempête…est toujours agréable mais flippant.

Bonne nuit,


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Windows Updates acting strange…

My Surface Book seems to be tagged as a Phone when searching Updates…


Keep on guessing…


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